At Menzies Distribution weve been delivering across the UK since 1833 to and from every high street, as well as reaching the areas others cant. Today, were Logistics UKs most innovative business of the year. With a strong focus on the future, sustainability and innovation we keep moving forwards.For ambitious organisations, we develop and deploy new technologies and business models that make supply chains smarter, more flexible, sustainable and valuable. We understand what drives value for business. Thats how we create supply chain solutions that keep your business growing.Our Business in Numbers:We are: 24/7 365We visit: Over 45,000 Locations per dayWe deliver: Over 31million items per weekWe handle: Over 33million ReturnsWe have: Over 3,000 vehicle assetsSo what makes Menzies so special to be the logistics partner of choice?Always there day after dayOur time-critical secure network is what makes Menzies Distribution special. Depots and an intelligent hub and spoke system mean we consistently visit every post code, every day and make light of the most challenging destinations. Wherever you need to be its likely were already going.More Flexible - More EfficientWe know our customers have different objectives, wants and needs. Our smart system gives us room to be adaptable and were continually customising and refining our routing and infrastructure to suit them. Mix modal methods with pallets, parcels, cages and tote boxes all loaded together to save space and time.Technology for TomorrowThe technology that powers the world of logistics is getting smarter, faster and more intuitive. We invest heavily in innovation, drawing on the latest equipment and software that will help both our business and yours to run smoothly.Customer Service ExcellenceWe have a UK based customer service centre that handles B2B and B2C enquiries through all channels. Our multi-skilled advisors protect clients brands with the highest standards of customer service excellence, using an industry leading technology for voice platform, CRM and workforce management tools.Moving forward togetherSupply chains have never been more important and sustainable supply chains are the difference between just getting through today and making sure we build a better future for us all.We want to create teams that can get any job done and done well. If you approach every challenge that you face with the belief that youll succeed and if you use every day as an opportunity to improve on the last, then contact us, and join us and deliver tomorrow today.

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Aug 25th, 2023 at 10:34   Transportation & Logistics   Ashford Part-time   £
Menzies Distribution are looking for Self Employed Owner Driver’s to join our team. You’ll be working on behalf of Menzies Distribution Limited and its customers on a self-employed...